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My Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition and with over 45 years of feed industry experience has allowed me to develop this unique and long lasting deer attractant.

The critical step in the production of this one-of-a-kind product is the removal of the moisture from the liquid molasses via a proprietary process. While the molasses taffy is hot, salt is blended in and the final product is 80% crystallized (moisture free) molasses + 20% salt.

Upon cooling the product is hard to the touch, but it is hygroscopic in nature, and the exposed surface in the bottom of the Bazzoka as well as the Oozie draws moisture from the air, droplets of molasses/salt form, the deer lick these tasty droplets, plus some drips to the ground.

All the pictures on my website and Facebook page are from hunters throughout the Untied States as well as from our own cameras and the 6 years of ongoing field testing with non-penned deer.

We hope you will include our products in your deer hunting program.

Trophy Wildlife Supplements
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