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Order Bazooka

  • Bazooka comes preloaded with 80% of a slow release crystallized molasses + 20% salt
  • Drips INSTNTLY — up to 12 months in all weather conditions
  • Unique feeding device makes it critter resistant
  • Simply remove all shrink wrap, remove black tape over the hole in the bottom of the feeder
  • Hang the feeder from a tree branch using the wire provided so the bottom of the feeder is about 5 feet off the ground – nose level to a deer.
  • A 6 foot shepherd’s hook plant hanger can also be used effectively for exact placement for your camera.
  • If you have food plots, salt or other products on the ground, hang the BAZOOKA directly over them to help maximize their attraction and consumption.

  • Bazooka_Label_Front_June_2016Oozie Front Label